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Places to visit

Base your stay at Hotel Sea Queen to visit places of your choice! We can make arrangements for you to see the landmark destinations and the beautiful greenery of places in and around Kozhikode.


calicut-beachCalicut, a cosmopolitan city and the hub of all trade and tourism activities of the Malabar region of North Kerala. The historical importance of Calicut (Kozhikode) is noted with the arrival of the first European navigator Vasco-da-Gama here in 1498. The glorious sunset at the Calicut beach is bound to refresh you after a hectic day.


mananchiraThe city's most attractive place is the Mananchira and the Mananchira square around it. The park and the musical fountain in the square are favorite spots of recreation. The Mananchira is situated in the heart of the city where important institutions like the Town Hall, Public Library and the Calicut's oldest building, the Common Wealth Trust Office are located.

Pazhassiraja Museum

pazhassiraja-museumThe museum is located at East hill, Calicut and is run by state archaeological department. The museum exhibits antique bronzes, ancient mural paintings, old coins, models of temples and megalithic, monuments like umbrella stones and dolomite cysts.


calicut-planetariumSituated very near to Indira Gandhi road, the planetarium was started in the year 1996. The main purpose of the planetarium is to give the public knowledge about the universe. Light and sound programs are shown every day here.

Calicut Beach

calicut-beachThe Calicut beach was very famous in the olden times because the Arabs and the Portuguese anchored their ships in the beach for business purposes. Two bridges and a light house stand testimony to these historic facts. The lion’s park is an attraction of the Calicut beach.


BeyporeIt is a small coastal town situated 11 KMs from Calicut. Traditional ship builders known as Khalasis build country crafts called "Uru" which makes Beypore famous even among Arabs. It was here Cheraman Perumal built an Uru in the sixth century to visit Arabia.


KappadLocated 15 kms from Calicut. On 27th may 1498 AD Vasco-Da-Gama set foot on the sands of Kappad Beach. A monument was constructed at the beach to commemorate the landing.

Thusharagiri Water falls

Thusharagiri Water fallsIt is one of most beautiful waterfalls in Wayanad. Identified as a tourist centre recently, the waterfalls and streams in this hilly region are really a feast for the eyes.

Wayanad Wild life Sanctuary

Wayanad Wild life SanctuaryWayanad is famous for its wild life sanctuary which attracts lots of visitors. Pookodu lake, Soochipara Water Falls, Muthanga Forest etc are also nearby.

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