How to make French Fries


French fries are either in soft or in crispy and served hot. It is generally eaten as a part of lunch or dinner or as snacks.Sometimes french fries are made sweet potatoes instead of potatoes.The expression “French Fried Potatoes” first occurs in print in English in work cookery for maids of all work by e warren.

Below steps describes you to how to make french fries,

1.Take two or more potatoes and peel it. Chop the potatoes as lengthwise to get long rectangular pieces.

2.Wash it and put it in a bowl of cold water and keep it for 1 hour in refrigerator.

3.Heat the oil at medium hot and put the potatoes in it and fry them.

4.Fry the potatoes till them cooked, but they should not brown form out and drain the french fries till them cool.

5.Again heat the oil, and now it should be hot and add the french fries into it.

6.This time it should be cooked till crisp or browned.

7.Drain the french fries and remove the excess oil.

8.Now the french fries is ready to eat.

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