chicken biriyani

The word ‘Biryani’ is derived from farsi word ‘biryan’ and the word would have come from Persia to Afghanistan and to North India.
Biryani was invented when Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s Queen, Mumtaz Mahal was on a visit to the Indian army barracks. The Queen found the soldiers were not happy and they are very weak. They were heavily undernourished. She called the army chef to prepare good food by combining both meat and rice which is rich in nutrition and protein. What the chef created was BIRYANI.
Method of preparation of biryani is different in different places. Some places are famous for its specific style of cooking.
Some types of biryani are,
Pukki- Biryani – Rice, meat and sauce are separately cooked and layered in the last stage of cooking.
Kacchi Biryani – Here the meat and rice is cooked together and it is marinated in yogurt and spices. Finally cooking pot is sealed to prevent any steam from escaping.
Dum pukht – It is a Persian word which means ‘slow owen’. This method of cooking is one of the refined methods in India and Pakistan. Here fresh spices and herbs are used to improve the taste of the meat in a slow cooking process.

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