Top Indian Curries



Dish called curry may either dry or wet and it contains mainly fish,meat,poultry or shellfish ,combination with vegetables.Indian curries are world famous for their taste and variety.There are many type of varieties of curries in both veg and non-veg.


Here are some top Indian curries,

Butter Chicken

The Punjabi cuisine which chicken is marinated and left overnight.Then it is roasted and cooked in thick tomato puree and cream.

Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala spicy fish curry with flavours chilli paste,tomato,coriander,turmeric powder,tomato and tamarind extract makes it tasty.

Andhra Style Chicken Curry

Andhra style chicken curry for those of who love spice and it is made with andhra-cardamom, cloves cinnamon,cashew,garam masala etc…

Bengali lamp Curry

Bengali lamb curry is very tasty which the meat has been marinated in yoghurt,castor sugar,turmeric powder,salt,red chilli powder and cooked in a medium flame with mustard oil.

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Awesome view from the roof-top

Every hotel searches for a peculiarity of their own. Seaqueen stay way different from all the hotels because of the Roof-top restaurant. Only few restaurants in India provide a beach facing roof top. Apart from the mouthwatering foods, Seaqueen have an advantage of beach view. Calicut is having one of the longest marine drive in Kerala. One  Side of the road is filled with hotels and small shops with variety of food. Among all these Seaqueen provides with a warm ambiance in the restaurant.

Evenings are the best time people love to spend in Seaqueen. The road in front of the hotel will be too busy with vehicles and a large number of tourists to see the sunset.People in Calicut knew well that the best sight of sunset will be from the roof top of Seaqueen. Sitting in the roof top people get an enchanting view of the beach.The sound of the waves will be in your ears,your eyes will get the look of marvelous sunset.If you love to watch a beautiful sunset with your favorite food in calicut, I am sure no other destination will suit you better than Hotel Seaqueen.

Click from the roof-top
Click from the roof-top
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Thusharagiri Waterfalls


Thusharagiri waterfalls is one of the main attraction in Kozhikode district.Thusharagiri word indicates Snow capped mountain.The waterfall is situated 50km from kozhikode.The river is diverged to 3 waterfalls and the highest waterfall is Thenpara that falls from an altitude of 75 metres(about 246 ft).Thusharagiri waterfalls is also called trekkers paradise.The trek is around 2 to 3 hours begin around 7am.Thusharagiri waterfall is actually enjoyable in between September and November.Surrounding the waterfalls are the evergreen forest and streams adding the beauty.The trek begins from the second waterfalls in the hills then climb up via untouched dense,evergreen forest and unique birds and animals. 


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Advantages Of Fish Foods



Eating fish foods regularly may reduce the risk of diseases like asthma,prostate cancer etc.Fish food contain high proteins and low in fat.And also it contains omega 3 fatty acids that can prevent from cardiovascular diseases like heart-attack and stroke.

Some research findings are,

  • Omega 3 fatty acids is good to brain tissue and the retina .
  • Omega 3 fatty acids in prevent from cancers for oral cavity,colon,breast,ovary,prostate etc.
  • Incidence of depression will be lower in case of people who regularly eats fish.
  • Children’s who eats fish regularly may less likely to develop asthma.
  • Eating fish during pregnancy period may reduce the risk of delivering a a premature boy.
  • Eating fish regularly may reduce the cardiovascular diseases.


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Point Of Interest-Kozhikode


The name kozhikode derives from the Tamil words koyi and kota.Kozhikode is the third largest city in Kerala. Kozhikode is famous for its boat-building yard, timber industry and historic temples and churches.
The interesting places in kozhikode:-
1.Kozhikode Beach
4.S.M Street
6.Sarovaram Biopark
7.Tali Siva Temple
8.Mishkal Mosque
9.Panniyankara Bhagavati Temple
10.Thiruvannur Siva Temple
11.Kappad Beach
14.Thusharagiri Falls
15.Peruvannamuzhi dam
16.Kakkayam dam and hydroelectric power station
17.Kozhippara waterfalls
18.Kadalundi Bio Reserve

Kozhikode offers a variety of South Indian, North Indian, European, Chinese, Arab, Gujarati and Jain food.opular dishes include biryani, pathiri, porotta,seafood,banana chips, halva etc.

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Delicious Seafood


Seafood consists of variety of Fishes,Prawns,Shrimps and lobsters which is not only great for your health but also it’s versatile ,delicious and cook in a flash.Fishes and shellfish contains proteins,minerals and other vitamins. Fishes contains omega-3 fatty acids and it is low in fat.Omega-3 acids help to reduce coronary heart disease.Some shellfish,mussels,oysters,crabs contains good amount of omega-3 fatty acids.Eating seafood and fish is good way to limit your exposure to contaminants.Salmon and halibut are popular seasonal food that calendar varies by state ,country.Illness is usually associated with improper harvesting, storage ,handling, or preparation. Those seafood products that are consumed raw or partially cooked represent the highest risk. Other risks associated with environmental contaminants could be a concern for some individuals especially those who catch and eat their own fish or shellfish from lakes, rivers, streams or bays or harbors that are contaminated by environmental pollutants.
Top commonly consumed Seafood’s:-
2.Canned Tuna

The most commonly consumed seafood’s are the list above and these have good source of high quality protein,low in saturated fat,a good source of omega-3 acids and rich in vitamins too.

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Beauty beyond the sea

sunset at calicut beach
sunset at calicut beach


Kozhikode, which was known after for its prominent trade and commerce centre is the most important region of Malabar, was the capital of the powerful Zamorins. Vasco Da Gama landed here for his search of spices during the year 1498. The city is a popular tourist destination filled with a warm ambience which adds the serene beaches, lush green countryside and historic sites.

Calicut is named for its longest sandy beaches in the country which is a favourite haunt of sunset viewers. It is famous for trying out seafoods like kallumekkaya (mussels) which would be available at the stalls lining the wonderful promenade along the southern side of the main beach. An interesting point is at dawn, the walk along Dolphin’s Point which will reward you with a sight of playful dolphins. An old lighthouse and two crumbling piers that run towards the sea each more than a hundred years old adds to its natural beauty. Another feature provided is the lions park for children and the marine water aquarium which is open for 8.00 to 20.00 hrs.

Sunset at Calicut beach is one of the breath taking views for the onlookers. Sunset is one the marvellous celestial show which should not be missed at any cost. It will be one of the unforgettable moments you will have at Calicut.

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Services with a Smile – Our Motto!

Warm and friendly service is offered to all visitors seeking a comfortable base for their visit to Kozhikode at Hotel Sea Queen. Sea Queen hotels commitment to excellence attention to detailed and personalized service assure you relaxed accommodation blended with quality service, and you get to enjoy all the privileges for an unforgettable stay at this hotel! Sea Queen hotel, Calicut prepare you to make the most of every gathering, from before you arrive to the next time we welcome you back.

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The full fledged Meeting rooms at the Hotel Sea Queen

Welcome to making things happen at hotel Sea Queen, Calicut. The full fledged Meeting rooms at the Hotel Sea Queen are fully equipped with high-tech communications systems and presentation facilities to ensure the smooth running of your business event. The Banquet Hall at the Hotel Sea Queen brings the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. The subtle but efficient service of our highly motivated and well-trained staff is a distinctive feature which places us ahead of competition. Located at the heart of the Calicut city our hotel is an ideal destination for product launches, corporate meetings or private events. We make all your occasions a memorable one for decades.

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Experience the essence of traditional Kerala Cuisine

Experience the essence of traditional Kerala Cuisine at the Nest Restaurant at Hotel Sea Queen. Seasonal, delicately flavoured, delectable dishes in typical Kerala food – always made with the highest quality ingredients and always delivered at sensible prices. Kerala cuisine is mildly spicy with an aromatic coconut blend. From the famed Malabar style Chicken curry to the Prawn fry in the Coastal style – you are spoilt for choice!

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