Art and culture


Kozhikode is famous for sculptures and inscriptions which are mostly found in mosques and various temples in the city. These are of considerable interest for most of the art students. There are many temples in the centre of the beautiful city which includes Tali temple, Azhakodi Temple, Tiruvannur Temple, Bilathikulam temple, Varakkal temple and Bhairagimadom temple. Many of these temple contain paintings and sculptures with high artistic interest. Trissala Bhagavathi temple is one of the temple which also contains beautiful paintings of ancient times that represents Hindu myth. These were done several years back and are of great value. These temples has festivals called as temple festivals that includes many social entertainment functions like kathakali, ChakkyarKoothu, Ottanthullal, Kaikottikali etc. Ritual dances are also performed such as Thira and Theyyam.

Coming to literature and Malayalam language, Kozhikode has its own significant contributions. In case of folk songs or ballads or may be known as Vadakkan pattukal, the city is very famous. One of the most favourite pastime of the muslims of this city is in singing Mappilapattu and also the art form like Oppana. The songs are sung in a very different interesting way of tune and it covere a large and wide range of themes. These songs are made and composed in a combined language of Arabic and Malayalam.

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